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Queen of the ruins


                                             – Ienla

The walls crumble,

They quake and they fall.

Hope that kept me afloat

Fled, at the sign of a crack.

Queen of the rubbles; aye, that’s me,

Queen of the ruined castle

Amidst my wreck

I rule majestic still,

The world see me

Smile and dance, unknown, that it is

Upon the remnants of my ruined realm,

While deep inside,

I scream aloud silently in pain

Within the hearts resounding walls

As I stagger again

To rebuild my world, brick by brick.



: ienla

Under the summer noon’s harsh light,

A mother cradles her child to feed

Holds him to suckle at her breast

To soothe, the whimpering cries.

A small bundle yet, it is the world;

Dear than her life.

The world unseeingly pass by

She gazes on and in

The limpid pool of her eyes

Her hopes and fears reflect.

In an instant gone,

Overcome, by a mother’s love.