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Queen of the ruins


                                             – Ienla

The walls crumble,

They quake and they fall.

Hope that kept me afloat

Fled, at the sign of a crack.

Queen of the rubbles; aye, that’s me,

Queen of the ruined castle

Amidst my wreck

I rule majestic still,

The world see me

Smile and dance, unknown, that it is

Upon the remnants of my ruined realm,

While deep inside,

I scream aloud silently in pain

Within the hearts resounding walls

As I stagger again

To rebuild my world, brick by brick.



– Ienla

I woke up,

As dawn chased the night

And watched it embrace,

Another sunrise.

I looked further

And saw its arms stretched long

Into the noisy day

Until, dusk settled and

Silence reigned again.